Community Foundation Fundholders Help Struggling Residents Get Back To Work

January 30, 2020
(Left to right) Sue Glasscock, House of Hope CEO; Donald Thomas, House of Hope client; Candon Criner, House of Hope client; and Sheri Brown, Community Foundation of Broward Vice President of Community Impact.

More Broward residents working to overcome addiction can now get back into the workforce, thanks to renewed support from Fundholders at the Community Foundation of Broward.

At least 120 people, committed to turning their lives around, will receive help finding jobs, vocational training as well as affordable housing because of a $96,000 grant, fueled by charitable Funds at the Community Foundation.

The new grant supports the Road to Independence program at House of Hope, Broward’s leading nonprofit provider of substance abuse and behavioral health services. In its fourth year, the Road to Independence program has empowered hundreds of residents to face addiction and avoid homelessness by getting back to work.

Program participants meet with employment specialist who prepare them for joining the workforce and help them secure jobs. House of Hope’s support services also help with GED preparation, vocational training programs and finding affordable places to live.

“Every day in Broward County two people die of a drug overdose. Our mission at House of Hope is to decrease this staggering statistic and provide hope and healing to the individuals that we treat,” House of Hope CEO Sue Glasscock said. “We are very fortunate and humbled to receive this generous grant from the Community Foundation, which allows us to give our clients a second chance and the resources they need to become economically independent.”

The Community Foundation has identified Economic Independence as one of Broward’s Issues That Matter – 10 issues that affect us all and are vital to Broward’s future. Thanks to support from charitable Funds at the Foundation, Economic Independence grants enable struggling residents to become self-sufficient. It’s support that helps break the cycle of poverty.

“Economic Independence grants empower struggling people to get back on track,” said Sheri Brown, the Foundation’s Vice President of Community Impact. “It’s a hand up, not a handout, that helps hardworking people move from struggling to thriving.”

This year’s grant for House of Hope was made possible by support from the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:

Keith W. Dunn Restricted Endowment Fund

Gilbert Corwin Fund

Jan Moran Unrestricted Fund

Edward and Lola Marshman Fund

Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund

Heidi Schaeffer Charitable Fund

Contact Information

For more information about how to create a charitable Fund that can shape a brighter future for Broward, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

Economic Independence

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