Community Foundation Goes ‘Behind The Scenes’ At H.O.M.E.S., INC.

October 28, 2020

The pandemic couldn’t stop us from delivering a behind-the-scenes look at local philanthropy in action – and providing a fall cooking lesson at the same time.

Recently, a few Fundholders, Legacy Society members and others from our philanthropy family joined us for a virtual visit to H.O.M.E.S., Inc.’s new outdoor kitchen and community garden.

This socially distant version of our behind-the-scenes visits – which are kind of like philanthropy field trips – was held via video conference. We keep the invite list small for behind-the-scenes visits (both the virtual ones and those held in person) to allow for an intimate setting where participants can get an up-close look, ask questions and really immerse themselves in the subject of our visit.

This time, our specially invited guests got a firsthand look at H.O.M.E.S., Inc. in Fort Lauderdale.

H.O.M.E.S., Inc. provides housing, food and other critical assistance to low-income families as well as Broward young people who are transitioning from foster care to life on their own. The new outdoor nutritional teaching kitchen, created with support from Community Foundation Fundholders, is a way for H.O.M.E.S., Inc. to:

  • Teach culinary skills that can lead to careers.
  • Provide cooking lessons for healthier living.
  • Feed more residents who need help.

To see the kitchen in action, participants at our behind-the-scenes visit were treated to a cooking demonstration by a Chef Dan Pezzulo from Farm to Fork Meals.

Farm to Fork Meals is a local business that gives hundreds of meals to H.O.M.E.S., Inc. and other nonprofits to distribute to Broward residents in need. During the cooking demonstration, our more adventurous attendees (who received the recipe in advance) were able to follow along in their own kitchens and take a crack at creating this delicious, fall-inspired dish – cranberry-stuffed chicken breast with quinoa salad.

In addition to stirring our appetites, this informative and entertaining virtual visit shed more light on the impact our Fundholders’ BOLD support for Youth Work and Economic Independence – two examples of philanthropy through the Community Foundation that targets Broward’s Issues That Matter.

The current economic crisis shows how important it is to support struggling families and to help young people develop career skills. Our Fundholders are making it happen with grants from their charitable Funds that empower residents to change their lives.

“These are really tough times. A pandemic and so much social unrest,” H.O.M.E.S., Inc. CEO Linda Taylor said during our visit. “But Broward County holds on. And it’s my belief it’s because of the investment that people like you make.”

Thanks to the support of visionary Fundholders who create endowed charitable Funds, the Community Foundation will always be there to fuel solutions to Broward’s biggest challenges – during this crisis and beyond.

Click here to check out the cooking demonstration shown at our recent behind-the-scenes visit to H.O.M.E.S, Inc.

Learn More

To learn how you can help Broward during this crisis and beyond with an endowed charitable Fund, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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