New Community Builders: Donald and Patricia Collins

Charting a better course for Broward

June 14, 2022

Donald and Patricia Collins loved the adventure and friendships they found spending time together at sea.

Whether on cruises in Europe, quick trips to the Bahamas or back home in Fort Lauderdale aboard their yacht, The Merry Makers, Don and Patricia shared a passion for making memories on the water.

They grew up far from yachts and cruise ships – Patricia in Pennsylvania and Don on a farm in New York state. They met in New York City, where Patricia was launching her 30-year career in the airline industry and Don, an electrical engineer, was finishing service in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Don went on to work in the television industry and started his own videotape production company. Later he landed exclusive rights to sell a new line of television broadcast zoom lenses.

Don and Patricia started keeping their boat for part of the year in Fort Lauderdale, making it their floating home base for winter getaways. As retirement neared, they bought a home on land and eventually became full-time residents. When they weren’t embarking on faraway cruises, Don and Patricia spent time together with their large network of friends at the Lauderdale Yacht Club and the Coral Ridge Yacht Club, where Don served as Commodore. As the years passed, Don and Patricia’s adopted port of call began to feel more and more like home.

Now, through a partnership with the Community Foundation of Broward, Don and Patricia are providing forever support for the community they loved.

After Patricia died in 2020, Don turned to his trusted advisors who recommended the Community Foundation as a simple solution for making a lasting impact with an estate gift. He felt comforted and secure in the knowledge that Community Foundation’s expert team would find the best ways to put his and Patricia’s hard-earned assets to use making life better in Broward. And as a fiduciary with a proven local track record, Don trusted the Community Foundation to safeguard and grow their endowed gift to the community.

When Don died in 2021, his estate gift created the endowed Donald R. and Patricia E. Collins Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation.

Thanks to their partnership with the Community Foundation, Don and Patricia’s support will always be there to chart a better course for Broward.

“For Don and Patricia, the Community Foundation of Broward provided the simplest solution for how to make a lasting difference for the community they loved. The Community Foundation will ensure that Don and Patricia’s support for Broward never ends.” – Jack R. Loving, attorney for Don Collins, who helped create his estate plan.
Patricia and Donald Collins' endowed estate gift makes them new "Community Builders" for the Community Foundation of Broward.

More About Our Community Builders

Community Builders are BOLD leaders who partner with the Community Foundation to establish endowed charitable Funds of $1 million or more to shape a brighter future for the community they love.

Through the power of endowment, the gifts from these individuals, families and local organizations fuel innovation and tackle Broward’s biggest issues today and forever.

Click here to learn more about all of our Community Builders.

How To Become A Community Builder

Thanks to the momentum of our BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, more visionary local philanthropists are stepping up to join the ranks of our Community Builders.

The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign sparks innovation, inspires new thinking and uses the power of endowment to create permanent resources that tackle Broward’s big challenges. With a one-time gift or a pledge to build your support over time, you can create an endowed charitable Fund and become a Community Builder who shapes a brighter future for Broward.

Click here to learn more about the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign.

Learn More

To learn more about our Community Builders and the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

Community Builders

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