Community Foundation Explores Broward's Changing Demographics

Food For Thought Event Provides A Peek At Broward's Future

January 23, 2020

What will Broward look like in 20 years? And are we ready for what the future holds?

The Community Foundation of Broward’s first Food for Thought event of 2020 offered a peek at Broward’s future – and ways to tackle the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

May Jean Wolff and Jo Ann and Don Medalie attend the Community Foundation's Jan. 15 Food for Thought event, which featured a discussion of Broward's demographic changes.

Food for Thought events are exclusive opportunities for Fundholders and Legacy Society members to learn about Broward’s big issues and see the bold impact of local philanthropy. The invitation-only gatherings provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Foundation’s work as well as an opportunity to connect with other philanthropists who care about Broward’s future.

At the Jan. 15 Food for Thought, held at the Community Foundation’s Fort Lauderdale office, more than 60 Community Foundation Fundholders and Legacy Society members took a deep dive into fast-growing Broward’s demographic projections.

On the eve of the 2020 U.S. census, Tony Carvajal – the Florida Chamber Foundation’s former “futurist” and executive vice president – highlighted Broward’s community trends and forecasts.

Broward gets about 69 new residents a day and estimates show that nearly 2.2 million people will be living in Broward by 2030, Carvajal said. He emphasized that in the years ahead:

  • Broward’s aging baby boomers will require more elder care, just as millennials launch a baby boom of their own.
  • When Broward’s population pushes past 2 million people, our new neighbors will make our community more diverse than ever.
  • As technological advances continue to make our lives easier, our workforce must keep learning to keep up with the job market.

Carvajal, who created Florida’s “Six Pillars” planning blueprint, also discussed the important role local philanthropy plays in shaping Broward’s future.

“The opportunity is here,” said Carvajal, who is president and CEO of The Able Trust. “The opportunity for bold leadership, the opportunity to build a vibrant community, the opportunity to ensure healthy residents and to empower the future is not something that we can just rely on others to do.”

Carvajal praised the Community Foundation’s focus on philanthropy that tackles Broward’s Issues That Matter – 10 issues identified by the Foundation that affect all Broward residents and are key to Broward’s future.

Barbara Gray talks with speaker Tony Carvajal at the Jan. 15 Food for Thought event at the Community Foundation.

Support to improve local schools, expand the safety net of services for the elderly, support job training and foster inclusion – those are some of the ways that creating a charitable Fund at the Foundation fuels innovation and solutions for Broward’s Issues That Matter.

But fast-growing Broward will require more philanthropic sources to keep pace with the growing needs outlined during Carvajal’s presentation. That’s why the Foundation is in the midst of raising $500 million in endowed Funds as part of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, Foundation Board Chairman James Donnelly said.

“One of the things that is so special about our organization is it’s designed to generate permanent support for all of these Issues That Matter,” Donnelly said.

Diane and John Dalsimer attend the Community Foundation's first Food for Thought of 2020, which explored the opportunities and challenges that come with Broward's fast-growing population.
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For more information about how to create a charitable Fund that can shape a brighter future for Broward, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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