More Help For Mental Health In Broward

Inside Look At New Crisis Center

February 18, 2021
Community Foundation of Broward President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson (far right) tours Henderson Behavioral Health’s new crisis stabilization center in Fort Lauderdale with Henderson CEO Steven Ronik and Board Chair Kathy Koch.

Community Foundation of Broward President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., recently got a firsthand look at Henderson Behavioral Health’s new crisis stabilization center.

Our growing community requires more mental health services to help Broward residents in crisis. Fundholders at the Community Foundation are among the local philanthropists helping Henderson expand its facilities in Fort Lauderdale to treat more children and adults who experience a mental health crisis.

Steven Ronik and Kathy Koch show Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson how Henderson Behavioral Health has recognized support provided by The James I. Coddington, Jr. Charitable Fund.

Foundation Fundholders have provided nearly $250,000 to help make it possible for Henderson Behavioral Health to increase its ability to provide 24/7 crisis services, counseling and addiction treatment for children and adults.

During her visit, Jennifer said she was impressed by the quality and design of the new space. Individuals being admitted as well as those self-admitting can trust that they will receive the same quality care that Henderson has made the gold standard, Jennifer said.

“It is the humane and compassionate care for those in our community struggling with mental health challenges that will really provide the help that is needed,” Jennifer said.  “And I am so proud that philanthropic support is contributing to this positive, safe and caring environment.”

Mental disorders are a leading cause of disability in our country. The effects are felt in the homes of hardworking families, local schools, Broward’s booming elderly population and every other aspect of our community. Now, the far-reaching effects of the pandemic’s health and economic crisis amplify the need for more mental health services.

Henderson Behavioral Health’s new, state of the art crisis stabilization unit replaces outdated facilities that weren’t originally designed to provide health care. With improved facilities, Henderson Behavioral Health can help more local residents overcome their times of crisis.

The power of local philanthropy is empowering Henderson Behavioral Health to help make Broward a healthier place to call home.

“They need more help, so I encourage others to learn more about Henderson and consider this organization in their philanthropic portfolio,” Jennifer said.

Support for the Henderson Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Facility came from the following Funds at the Community Foundation:

  • Mary N. Porter Designated Fund
  • Henderson Mental Health Center Endowment
  • Kenneth S. Gross Family Charitable Fund
  • Bill, Brent, and Rebel Bowden Fund
  • Kiwanis Club of Fort Lauderdale Charitable Fund
  • The James I. Coddington, Jr. Charitable Fund
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To learn how your philanthropy can fuel mental health solutions in Broward, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.


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