Local Philanthropy Helps Transform Lighthouse Point Park Amid Crisis

April 27, 2020
The James C. Acheson Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward has helped create a new fitness destination featuring new workout equipment at Frank McDonough Park in Lighthouse Point.

Stay-at-home orders don’t last forever. And Lighthouse Point residents can now look forward to enjoying new park improvements, thanks to support from the James C. Acheson Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward.

That’s because Jim Acheson’s local philanthropy through the Community Foundation continues to make a bold impact in the community he loves, even amid the coronavirus crisis. This time, support from his charitable Fund has transformed Frank McDonough Park on Northeast 27th Avenue.

The park project removed two worn out racquetball courts, that weren’t getting much use, and turned that space into a new outdoor fitness destination for residents. The new features include body-weight resistance workout equipment such as a sit-up bench, chest press, pull-up bars, leg press, push-up station and more. It’s an ideal spot for adults to squeeze in a workout while they keep an eye on their children or grandchildren playing nearby.

James C. Acheson

At the Community Foundation, we know our Fundholders. So, when Foundation Charitable Fund Services Director Justine Morgan heard about this exciting project, she thought of Jim Acheson. Justine knows Jim is passionate about helping his community become more enjoyable for its residents by improving its parks. And when Justine learned Lighthouse Point needed help to catch up on park improvements, she worked with city officials and Jim to come up with a way for his Fund to help make this project a reality.

“Jim has a long history of supporting the community he lives in,” she said.  “I knew he would be interested in supporting this because it provides another way for families to interact and enjoy the community.”

Park improvements are just one example of the bold impact that comes from the endowed James C. Acheson Fund. Emergency equipment for the fire department, restoration of the Hillsboro Lighthouse, scholarships, a youth sailing program and more are all made possible by Jim Acheson’s endowed Fund at the Community Foundation. His commitment to the community he loves is making a difference today and will continue his legacy of bold impact for generations to come.

Contact Information

For more information about the Community Foundation of Broward, contact info@cfbroward.org or 954-761-9503.


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