How Lesley Mitchell Jones 'Became A Believer' In The Community Foundation Of Broward

Her Support For Broward, During Times Of Crisis And Beyond

April 14, 2020
Lesley Mitchell Jones uses her estate plan and endowed charitable Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward to create a bold legacy of impact that will last forever.

The Community Foundation of Broward’s Fundholders and Legacy Society members believe in the power of endowment to change lives and transform the community they love. By giving through the Community Foundation, they boost the impact of their philanthropy. During the coronavirus crisis and beyond, Fundholders and Legacy Society members are shaping a brighter future for Broward.

Here's why Lesley Mitchell Jones of Fort Lauderdale says she “became a believer” in the Community Foundation of Broward:

“Giving to charity is supposed to feel good, but it had me totally stressed out."
"I needed a partner who could help organize my giving today – and ensure my estate continues making a difference for the community long after I’m gone."
"At first, I thought the Community Foundation of Broward’s reputation of helping philanthropists create a bold, lasting impact sounded too good to be true. But learning more about the Community Foundation’s strength, expertise and community leadership made me a believer."
"The Foundation’s expert team helped me create three endowed charitable Funds, in my name, so I could start having an impact on the community right away. And when I’m gone, my remaining assets will pour into these endowed Funds to amplify my support for this community I love."
"Now I have peace of mind knowing that the Community Foundation will “mind the store” on my behalf to ensure the organizations and issues I care about are supported – forever.  I can’t imagine a smarter, more impactful way to create a brighter future for Broward."
"During this current crisis and whatever new challenges lie ahead for Broward, I know my philanthropy will make a real difference."
"It feels good to BE BOLD!”

Lesley is among more than 150 bold forward-thinkers in the Community Foundation's Legacy Society, whose members use their estate plans to help define Broward's Future.

Lesley has also created three endowed charitable Funds at the Community Foundation. Endowed charitable Funds provide the critical support our community needs, during this crisis and beyond. Lesley's Funds include:

Let’s Get Started…

The Broward we pass to the next generation will be defined by the long-term philanthropic investments we make moving forward.

You love Broward. It’s your home. If you want to create a legacy of bold impact that will last forever, here’s how to get started today:

1. Speak with your professional advisor (tax and estate attorney, financial advisor or accountant). Let him/her know that you are interested in creating a personalized endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation through your estate plan.

Your advisor can also help you sort through the many ways you can give. Cash, publicly traded securities, retirement plans, life insurance, real estate, stocks, closely held business interests and estate gifts are all potential ways to establish your charitable Fund at the Community Foundation.

2. Contact the Foundation directly to learn more about how you can use your estate plan to create a better Broward for future generations. Simply call Jennifer Powers, Philanthropic Services Manager, at 954-761-9503 or email her directly at

3. Once the Foundation is included as a beneficiary in your will, trust, insurance policy or retirement plan you will become a member of the Community Foundation's Legacy Society. To date, the Legacy Society has more than 154 members who have made estate gift promises in excess of $288 million.

Contact Information

To learn more about joining the Legacy Society, contact Philanthropic Services Manager Jennifer Powers at 954-761-9503 or

Legacy Society

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