Nearly $1M in new cancer-fighting grants expand research, bolster patient support

July 11, 2022
The Community Foundation of Broward since 2016 has invested more than $2 million in bolstering cancer research, increasing accessibility to breakthrough clinical trials and enhancing support systems for local cancer patients.

Broward cancer patients will have better access to groundbreaking clinical trials and more opportunities for day-to-day support services, thanks to nearly $1 million in new grants from the Community Foundation of Broward.

Our latest round of cancer-fighting grants are made possible by dedicated local philanthropists who partner with the Community Foundation to support innovative opportunities to make cancer research and patient support more accessible in Broward.

The new grants include $900,000 in research support, spread over three years, for three projects using unique approaches to screen and connect a diverse group of cancer patients to the best treatments or clinical trials that will improve their chances of becoming cancer free. The research grant recipients include:

  • Broward Health, Early Detection of Gynecologic Cancers through Expanded Research PartnershipsA partnership between Broward Health and the University of Miami to study gynecological cancers specifically in women of color. The project, serving 100 women per year, will develop a painless screening tool for the early detection of gynecological cancers with the goal of saving lives by preventing the onset of later stage disease.
  • Florida International University Foundation, Individualized Treatments in Adults with Relapsed/Refractory CancersThis project will enroll 12 patients each year who don’t respond to chemotherapy or have relapsed with all types of cancers where tumor tissue would be available for drug screening and genomic profiling. The participants will be followed throughout the course of the study, creating a compendium of drug responses in individual patients, match actionable mutations with selective targeted therapies and clinically apply individual treatment for refractory patients with no alternative options.
  • Memorial Foundation, Memorial Cancer Institute/Florida Atlantic University Cancer Biospecimen Resources This project aims to create a cancer biospecimen resource (tumor bank) for tumors diagnosed in patients. The study will target 50 adults per year receiving routine care at MCI with a goal to enroll diverse participants. This will constitute an important research tool allows finding new biomarkers and therapies for cancer. This will allow for new collaborations with other institutions for better cancer research and resources.

To boost support for the many challenges local patients and their families face during treatment and beyond, we are also providing a total of $50,000 in grants for:

  • Gilda’s Club South Florida, Cancer Care: Mind Body Connection – Provide free monthly support groups, both in-person and virtually, to more than 200 cancer patients and their families/caregivers. Participants will increase their knowledge about their cancer diagnosis, treatment opportunities and survivorship. It will also improve their mental, physical and spiritual health.‍
  • Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation, Emergency Financial Assistance Program – Help up to 20 low-income families who have a child undergoing cancer treatments and are unable to pay for basic needs. Temporary financial support will help these families pay for utilities, groceries and/or transportation.

The Community Foundation believes that every resident diagnosed with cancer should have the very best treatment and support, right here where they live. Yet, we know that too many Broward residents face obstacles to health care services due to poverty, discrimination and other systemic hurdles that can make life expectancy differ zip code to zip code.  Lack of health care services is a common problem for neighborhoods made up of lower-income, mostly minority residents. That’s why the Community Foundation’s cancer grants seek to close health equity gaps by putting on priority on including a diverse group of patients.

Since 2016, the Community Foundation and our Fundholders have invested more than $2 million in bolstering local cancer research, increasing accessibility to breakthrough clinical trials and enhancing support systems for Broward cancer patients.

Through the power of endowment, the Community Foundation will be there to help Broward cancer patients win their fight for survival.

Click here to watch a video about Community Foundation support for crucial cancer patient support services.

Click here to watch a video about breakthrough cancer research fueled by local support from the Community Foundation.

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To learn how you can partner with Community Foundation of Broward to help cancer patients, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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