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40th Anniversary Celebration Quiz

May 2, 2024

More than a Trivial Pursuit but less daunting than a final exam, our 40th Anniversary Quiz provides a fun look back at how we became the Community Foundation of Broward you know today.

With new questions added each month, our quiz aims to trigger fond memories, showcase the BOLD impact of local philanthropy and shine a light on where the Community Foundation is headed.

It’s another part of our yearlong 40th Anniversary celebration, which includes sharing photos, articles, videos, podcast episodes and more that tell the Community Foundation’s story.

Let’s get started!

New Question & Answer

Who was the Community Foundation’s first Board Chair?

Jim Blosser, a prominent attorney and dedicated community leader, served as our first Board Chair from 1984 to 1987. In the post that back then was known as Board President, Jim played a pivotal role in outreach efforts to raise awareness about the exciting potential of the new Foundation. His leadership set the tone for the 26 Board Chairs who have followed during our 40-year history. We lost Jim in 2023, but the legacy of his leadership lives on in the Community Foundation he helped create. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT JIM’S LEADERSHIP.

Previous Questions & Answers

Who founded the Community Foundation?

Libby and Jack Deinhardt founded the Community Foundation in 1984. Inspired by their involvement with the community foundation in Columbus, Ohio, Libby and Jack decided Broward County – their adopted home – needed a local philanthropy champion of its own. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT LIBBY AND JACK’S PIONEERING EFFORTS.

When did we launch the Professional Advisors Council?

Serving as a go-to resource for professional advisors with charitably minded clients has been a top priority for the Community Foundation ever since our founding in 1984. We took our collaborations to the next level when we created the Professional Advisors Council in 2003. Membership on the PAC is one of the ways we say “thank you” to advisors who collaborate with us to help their clients establish charitable funds at the Community Foundation. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COLLABORATIONS AND HOW THE PAC HAS GROWN.

Why do we encourage people to BE BOLD?

The Community Foundation’s BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, launched in 2018, is an ambitious movement to build endowment and grow philanthropic resources able to keep pace with Broward’s growing needs. As we head into the campaign’s final year, we have raised more than $353 million in new and planned gifts – and we aren’t done yet! Are you ready to BE BOLD? LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BE BOLD LEADERSHP CAMPAIGN.

Check back throughout 2024 to test your knowledge with more 40th Anniversary Quiz questions!

The Community Foundation 2023 staff retreat was held at the new Mary N. Porter Learning Center at Flamingo Gardens, named in honor of Mary N. Porter, whose endowed charitable fund at the Community Foundation made the new building possible.
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Let's talk about how you can create a lasting impact by launching a charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Broward! Contact Vice President Kelly Marmol at kmarmol@cfbroward.org or 954-761-9503.

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