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January 11, 2022
Jude is one of the thousands of dogs and cats that have received help from Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale.

Meet Jude! This sweet dog with the spiffy bandana is one of the furry friends you can find at Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale.

Representatives from the Community Foundation of Broward recently got to spend time with Jude during a visit to this special place that offers second (and sometimes third, fourth and fifth) chances for dogs and cats looking for forever homes.

Abandoned Pet Rescue helps abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats. As one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in South Florida, Abandoned Pet Rescue features an onsite clinic able to provide checkups, vaccinations, spaying/neutering and other veterinary care. The dedicated team at the shelter helps rehabilitate and nurture malnourished, abused or unwell animals so they can be successfully adopted.

During the past decade, Abandoned Pet Rescue has provided its high quality care for 6,800 cats and dogs. Currently there are 150 cats and 30 dogs available for adoption.

Since 2001, the Community Foundation of Broward has provided more than $200,000 in grants to support Abandoned Pet Rescue’s important mission.

At the Community Foundation, we believe that a community’s character if reflected in the way we treat our animals. Thanks to our dedicated Fundholders, the Community Foundation will always work to ensure Broward’s animals can live safely without threat, abuse or neglect.

More about Jude

Jude is a young, special-needs dog with an uplifting spirit that quickly wins over visitors (just ask the contingent from the Community Foundation). Jude was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which makes him wobble, but he has grown stronger and likes going for long walks with the support of a harness and leash. Jude loves to run and when he falls quickly gets back up to keep playing. He is a 1.5-year-old, 35-pound whippet/hound mix that that needs a home with a yard and a compassionate adopter/foster who is looking for potty-trained pal that loves snuggling on your lap. Abandoned Pet Rescue offers to provide ongoing veterinary care for June and, even with his wobbly condition, expects him to live a normal lifespan.

Interested in adopting from Abandoned Pet Rescue?

During the pandemic, the shelter is open by appointment only. To learn more about adoption opportunities at Abandoned Pet Rescue, click here to visit their website. You can contact them at 954-728-9010 or .

Jude is the center of attention during a visit by Community Foundation of Broward President/CEO Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson (second from left) and her team to Abandoned Pet Rescue.
Visit Abandoned Pets Rescue's website,, for more information about the dogs and cats available for adoption.
Learn More

To learn how you can support animal welfare and other important causes with a charitable fund at the Community Foundation, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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