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Support for the L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center

February 1, 2023

During the shameful era of segregation, Provident Hospital in Fort Lauderdale provided much needed medical care at a time when Black people were turned away from other local hospitals.

Now, this historic site on Sistrunk Boulevard is home to the new L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center. Opened in 2022, the dazzling four-story building brings new educational programs, health care services, a theatre and more to help lift up a neighborhood that has long struggled with disproportionate unemployment and other challenges.

The Community Foundation of Broward was proud to provide a $1 million grant to support the completion of the new L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center. Our grant was made possible by the endowed Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund, created by philanthropist Mary Porter’s estate gift to the Community Foundation. On Mary’s behalf, the Community Foundation finds opportunities for grants from her fund to support innovative projects that make life better for Broward residents.

LEARN MORE about the historic location of the L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center as well as the new opportunities this exciting new facility brings to our community.

Celebrating the new L.A. Lee YMCA/Mizell Community Center, which opened in 2022 on the site of the historic Provident Hospital, with help from a $1 million Community Foundation of Broward grant.
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