New Film Amplifies ‘Black Voices, Black Stories’

February 3, 2023
The documentary short film “Open Dialogues: Black Voices/Black Stories,” created with support from a Community Foundation of Broward, features local leaders sharing their experiences and insights about social justice.

As our nation struggles with how to overcome systemic injustices, the new documentary short film “Open Dialogues: Black Voices/Black Stories” helps raise awareness and deepen understanding in Broward County.

Made with support from the Community Foundation of Broward, the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood’s documentary features eight community leaders sharing their experiences and insights about what social justice looks and feels like for Black Americans. The film showcases interviews and performances from local Black leaders from different walks of life, including the arts, education, medicine, public policy and law.

“Open Dialogues” is one of the exciting new arts projects made possible by nearly $1 million in Community Foundation grants since 2021 that are fueling opportunities for the arts to broaden community engagement, build understanding and champion support for social justice.

Fundholders at the Community Foundation are making this possible by partnering with us to create and grow charitable funds that support the power of the arts to ignite creativity, foster understanding and unite our community.

Watch a preview of this moving film or watch the full film on PBS.

Learn more about the Community Foundation’s arts and social justice grants.

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