The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign is a unique opportunity for people who love Broward to step up and use their philanthropy to build a brighter future. It's a chance to change things in a big BOLD way. To create a legacy of impact that will live on forever.

The generosity of local philanthropists has helped our community become what it is today. But the Broward we pass to the next generation will be defined by the long-term investments we make moving forward.

Now more than ever, Broward needs the support of forward-thinkers, visionaries and doers – like you – to create personalized endowed charitable Funds for Broward. It's the only way to ensure our community has the right resources to tackle the Issues That Matter. It's how Broward will take care of itself for generations to come.

The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign seeks to fuel innovation. Inspire new thinking. Rally new leaders. And raise $500 million by the Community Foundation’s 40th anniversary in 2024.

Adding $500 million in endowed charitable Funds will create a permanent philanthropic resource able to meet Broward’s biggest challenges today and forever.

When completed, the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign will:

  • Deliver nearly $3 million in grants each month to tackle Broward’s Issues that Matter.
  • Support $1 billion in game-changing philanthropy over the Foundation’s next three decades.
  • Ensure permanent, nimble resources are available to keep pace the emerging challenges that will face our fast-growing community.
BE BOLD progress
  • 100 percent support from the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
  • $144 million raised during the BE BOLD campaign’s first two years.
  • Campaign launched with two new “Community Builders” – visionaries who establish charitable Funds of $1 million or more.
More than just a slogan

The “BOLD” in our BE BOLD Leadership campaign spells out the mission to ensure a brighter future for Broward. Through the campaign, we will:

Build an endowment that creates
Opportunities for
Leadership that will
Define Broward’s future.

BE BOLD news and updates
Join this BOLD movement

When you choose to step-up and lead as part of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, you will create a Broward where…

…All children graduate from high school, ready to succeed.
…Hardworking families don’t struggle, they thrive.
…All people are valued for who they are.
…The arts are vibrant, growing and available to all.
…Everyone has access to the best cancer treatments.
…Older residents get the support they deserve.
…Young people get jobs and build their skills for success.
…People are healthier and more active.
…Animals live safely, treated with care and respect.
…People take ownership of our delicate environment.

Get Started Today

Don’t miss your chance to put your fingerprints on Broward’s future as part of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign. Contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at
or call 954-761-9503.
BE BOLD Leadership Campaign Guide
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