Our Mission

To transform our community through focused leadership that fosters collaboration, builds endowment, advances equity and connects people who care to causes that matter.

Our Vision

Our community is a vibrant place where all can thrive, feel connected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Values

The Community Foundation of Broward is committed to achieving our mission and vision by upholding the following values:

  • Lead with Purpose: We take bold strategic action as a community champion focused on a more vibrant and prosperous Broward for all.
  • Cherish Diversity: We treasure diversity, stand for equity and foster inclusion within our organization and across our community.
  • Create Collaboration: We forge dynamic collaborations with community partners and create innovative solutions to Broward's biggest challenges.
  • Empower Philanthropy: We partner with visionary residents to grow enduring philanthropy that benefits our community for generations to come.
  • Listen, Learn and Share: We evolve and grow to serve the changing needs of our community.
Our History

Libby and Jack Deinhardt led a small, dedicated group of community champions who founded the Community Foundation of Broward in 1984. These Foundation pioneers understood that fostering strategic, local philanthropy would ensure a brighter future for Broward. They believed in the power of endowment to provide permanent resources able to tackle our fast-growing community’s emerging challenges. Thanks to their foresight and commitment, the Foundation has grown to more than 400 charitable Funds, which our Fundholders have used to provide more than $100 million in support for the place we call home.

Community Foundation of Broward
Historical Milestones

The Community Foundation of Broward is a strong and stable organization as evidenced by a 35-year track record of tackling issues in Broward. This work is made possible because of 473 individuals, families and organizations that chose to create charitable Funds for game-changing impact. They believe it is critical to partner with the Community Foundation of Broward because of our reputation of leadership, credibility and success.

1984 – 1997

 1984-1997 - Broward embraces community foundation concept

  • Community Foundation of Broward is launched attracting the best and brightest community leaders.
  • Decreased HIV/AIDS infections rates among newborns due to increased testing rates of women in childbearing years. As the first private funder in Broward, we led the charge on HIV/AID prevention education. Over the next 20 years we dramatically increased awareness and testing and attracted $3.7 million to invest localized prevention solutions.
  • Increased productivity of 11,000 nonprofit staff and Board leaders producing high-performing organizations. This Leadership program was the first of its kind in Broward and the state, and was one of our signature programs for 20 years.

1997: $20 million in assets, total annual grants now top just over $1 million

1998 - 2010

1998-2010 - Earned national reputation as a leading Foundation and leveraged partnerships to amplify work

  • First in Florida to receive accreditation on the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. The accreditation process is rigorous, and demonstrates our commitment to accountability and excellence to its donors, its community, policymakers, and the public.
  • Created the first LGBT Fund in Florida addressing inequality and support for diversity. Investments of $8 million enhanced major LGBT serving agencies with infrastructure, capacity growth and program development. We are among the top 5 LBGT community foundation Funders in the nation.
  • Originated Broward Cares, a unique disaster recovery collaborative designed to fill gaps, reduce redundancies and be nimble in recovery and rebuilding efforts. This first of its kind collaboration with United Way and Jewish Federation has since been duplicated across the state with our help.
  • Initiated Foster Care reform in Broward by putting a spotlight on an issue that had no advocates. By creating public/private partnerships, Broward formed a safety-net for the 800 youth who age-out of foster care annually.  It included the creation of a dedicated one-stop agency that connects youth to education, housing, jobs, and transportation and life-coaching.
  • Stimulated 10,000 hours of cutting-edge volunteerism to capitalize on the talent of newly retired baby boomers. This four-year initiative, Re-engage for Good produced new strategies that are now embedded in organizations to engage this talent in new ways.
  • Endowed Fund become our signature as a solid permanent revenue stream for Broward. One of six in the nation to be awarded a prestigious challenge grant to grow endowed Funds. It so internalized our thinking that now more than 92% of our assets are endowed, exceeding the national average and demonstrating the belief in our work by those who create Funds with us.

2010: $86 million in assets, total annual grants $4.1 million

2011 - 2017

2011-2017 - Empowered philanthropists to make Broward stronger

  • Received largest bequest in Broward’s history -- $43 million dollars demonstrating belief in both the Foundation and Broward to achieve great things.
  • Ranked in top 100 community foundations in the nation due to growth of size and impact (and have remained there for the past 6 years).
  • Adopted 10 critical issues that matter that affect Broward County. This strategy has allowed us to spotlight the problems and solutions and engage others to this work.  
  • 75% of D and F middle school students enrolled in Foundation supported programs increased their math and reading scores due to long-term commitment to move the needle in education. The School District now embraces middle school strategies as a critical fork in the road to drive graduation rate to 90% target.  
  • Galvanized the community to reauthorize the Children’s Services Council. Its passage produces $60 million annually around children’s issues.

2017: $180 million in assets, total annual grants $10 million

2018 – present

2018–present - Launch of Be BOLD Leadership Campaign-- $500 million campaign to endow Broward

  • Campaign reaches $100 million milestone due to 100% participation by the Board of Directors, new Funds, new estate planning promises, increased referrals from professional advisors and current Fundholders, and matured estate gifts.
  • Broward’s graduation rates rise from 77% to now 86% due in part to our School is Cool work focused around middle school success and our ability to assist the District in measuring attainment.
  • Our Silver Tsunami report on the plight of vulnerable seniors has become a “go to” reference for leaders. State legislators, judges, senior service providers continue to site this report as their call to action for change and it caused the creating a first of its kind, Aging Funders Collaborative.
  • The first Funder to create LGBTQ inclusion in mainstream organizations. This work has influenced their organizational culture, programming and branding to be a more inclusive and caring.
  • The largest private, local funder of cancer clinical trial in Broward. This work has allowed local institutions receive NCI designation as a world class research institution.

Today 2022:

19 seasoned professional staff

22 members of the best Board in Broward

38-year solid track record of impact and leadership

Annual grants reaching $13 million with $145 million distributed since inception

$3.5 million operating budget, $1.5 in operating reserves, $4 million in dedicated operating endowment

$300 million in assets in 489 unique Funds of which 90% endowed (exceeding national average of 68%)

We are ranked #87 among the top 100 community foundations in the nation