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Carrying on the Allen family's civil rights mission

W. George Allen used his determination and talents to break down barriers in Broward and beyond.

Now amid a renewed national outcry for social justice, George’s BOLD local impact continues to grow through new scholarship Funds established at the Community Foundation of Broward.

George, who died in 2019, is an education trailblazer and civil rights icon in Florida. In 1962, he became the first African-American to graduate with a law degree from the University of Florida. And during his 50-year legal career, George led the legal fights that helped desegregate public schools in Broward County and Hendry County.

George’s legacy of giving back also includes serving on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1990 to 1995. George helped grow the Foundation during its first decade of existence. And in 1999 he co-chaired a Foundation fundraising effort that led to a $3 million infusion of support for our community.

To honor their father’s commitment to Broward, Jonathan and Tim Allen in 2020 followed his wishes and provided a $200,000 gift to the Community Foundation. The gift has created two endowed scholarship Funds – one named for George and the other for his wife, Enid.

The Allen Legacy Fund’s gift creates two scholarship Funds that will empower a new generation of students to make the most of their educational opportunities – opportunities that W. George Allen’s pioneering efforts helped make possible.

  • The W. George Allen Scholarship Fund provides annual scholarships to African-American high school graduates from Broward and from the Crooms Academy high school in Sanford, Fla. – where Allen was born – to obtain a degree from a Florida College/University, with preference given to students attending Florida A&M University.
  • The Enid Meadows Allen Nursing Scholarship Fund is for African-American high school graduates to earn a four-year nursing degree at a Florida College/University, with preference given to students attending Florida A&M University.

Tim and Jonathan Allen said they hope that creating these two endowed scholarships will inspire others to step up and establish similar opportunities for local students.

We are proud to partner with the Allen family to ensure that, through their new endowed scholarship Funds, work in the Allen name to break down barriers and empower achievement will never end.

Watch Jonathan and Tim Allen share their family story


For questions about Community Foundation scholarships contact Tina Hudson, Manager of Community Impact, at or 954-761-9503.

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