Racial Justice, Equity,
Diversity & Inclusion

Broward must be a place where all residents feel welcome, where we all have the opportunity to succeed. We know philanthropy can do more to help achieve long-overdue change.

To increase our efforts to champion social justice, the Community Foundation of Broward in 2020 launched a work plan focused on Racial Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

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Explore Broward’s big issues and hear from people who create BOLD impact in our community. Find out how they partner with the Community Foundation for BOLD philanthropy that makes life better in Broward.

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Leadership Campaign

This movement to grow Broward’s endowment is an opportunity to step up and make a BOLD difference for the community you love.  To use your philanthropy to support BOLD changes that shape a brighter future. To create a legacy of impact that lives on forever. Ready to BE BOLD?

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