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How do I give through the Community Foundation of Broward?

Your philanthropy is carried out through the creation of your endowed charitable Fund, which:

  • Is named by you and supports philanthropy that reflects your values, passions and goals.
  • Functions as your powerful alternative to a private foundation – without the additional administrative responsibilities.
  • Amplifies the impact of your charitable dollars by drawing on our philanthropic expertise and community knowledge.
  • Carries on your legacy of BOLD Impact – forever.

You can create an endowed charitable Fund in your name now, or you can plan to establish your Fund later through your estate plan. Click here to learn more about how an endowed charitable Fund works.

Why should I create a charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward instead of establishing a private family foundation?

A charitable Fund at the Community Foundation delivers many of the benefits of a private family foundation, without the administrative hassles. You get to name your Fund and establish a legacy of giving that reflects your values and tackles the issues you care about. The Foundation’s experienced staff takes care of the accounting, investments and other administrative duties. The Foundation’s philanthropic experts vet the organizations you want to give to and share new and exciting opportunities for you to support innovative programs matched to your charitable intentions. We monitor the progress of every organization you support to make sure they deliver maximum results. Our community knowledge amplifies the impact of every dollar you give.

What are the tax benefits of giving through the Community Foundation?

As a public charity, the Community Foundation can offer you larger tax deductions than a private family foundation. Establishing and growing a charitable Fund at the Community Foundation enables you to qualify for the maximum adjusted gross income tax deduction, based on the type of and fair market value of their contributed assets. Also, charitable Funds at the Foundation are not subject to the excise taxes that private family foundations face.

Why should I give through the Community Foundation if I already give to other charitable organizations?

The Community Foundation’s growing endowment – sustained by prudent investment – ensures that we will be here forever to provide resources to tackle Broward’s ever-changing needs. When you partner with the Foundation and establish an endowed charitable Fund, you create your own legacy of forever giving. Grants from your endowed Fund will always be available to support philanthropy that reflects your values, passions and goals. While there are many worthwhile charitable groups focused on different community challenges, the Foundation is the one that provides both the leadership and resources necessary for sustainable solutions for all of Broward’s issues that matter.

How do my current professional advisors fit into the picture?

Professional advisors remain connected every step of the way. We work together to create giving strategies that best suit your charitable and financial goals. They are welcome at all meetings we have with you and when they can’t be there, we follow up to keep them in the loop. As an added benefit, professional advisors who collaborate with us are invited to join our Professional Advisors Council. This elite group of professionals gives us guidance about how to best serve our Fundholders. They are also invited to join you at Foundation events to stay informed, engaged and connected.

What types of assets can I use to establish my endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation?

You name it. Cash, publicly traded securities, retirement plans, life insurance, real estate, stocks, closely held business interests and estate gifts are all potential ways for you to create your endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation. Also, personal property – from jewelry to art and collectables – can be used to seed your Fund. Our team of philanthropic experts will work with you to ensure those assets, in whatever form they come, deliver maximum community impact.

How will I know that my giving through the Community Foundation makes Broward a better place to live?

You’ll have your very own Charitable Funds Services Manager who becomes your personal philanthropy concierge. We thoroughly vet the organizations that receive grants from your Fund and make sure those grantees deliver the results they promise. You will receive annual financial reports explaining your Fund balance, types of grants awarded from your Fund as well as the latest gifts to your Fund. You also receive other Foundation publications, such as the Community Matters magazine, and you’re invited to informative Foundation events, including the Food for Thought series and behind-the-scenes guided site visits to meet the people and see the places helped by the grants from your Fund.  

Who manages, invests and oversees assets given to the Community Foundation?

A nearly 40-year track record of delivering outstanding fiduciary services is a key reason that people can trust the Community Foundation to manage and grow their financial gifts. The Foundation’s experienced financial staff is assisted by a nationally acclaimed investment consultant who provides research, makes recommendations and monitors the performance of investment managers. The Foundation’s broadly diversified portfolio helps protect our long-term investments. Investment decisions are guided by an independent investment committee, made up of highly experienced local financial professionals. An audit committee reviews the Foundation’s finances, accounting and legal compliance as well as the results of the Foundation’s annual outside audit.

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