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Legacy Society


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” - Pericles

Legacy Society members are generous individuals who have used their estate plans to build or add to  endowed Funds at the Community Foundation.

For many, a gift from their estate is the most meaningful gift ever.  It preserves their family name and creates a charitable legacy that supports the causes that matter For Good For Ever.

It is easy for you to become a Legacy Society member. Simply notify us of your plans to leave a gift to the Community Foundation.

We thank the members of our Legacy Society for their foresight and commitment to Broward County.


Our Legacy Society...
145 members with a record $200 million

in future gifts for Broward County. For Good. For Ever.

  • Suzanne Y. and Edward R. Allen
  • Anonymous (42)
  • Jeannette Archer-Simons and Robert E. Simons
  • Carla and Giorgio Arra
  • William W. E. Ash III
  • Ann M. Bederman
  • Muriel B. Biskup
  • David C. Bland
  • Lisa A. Bonk
  • Richard A. Bray
  • Rod Breene
  • Nancy L. Brown
  • Anita and Ralph M. Byer
  • Melanie M. Camp
  • Linda B. and R. Michael Carter
  • Rita and Rick Case
  • Barbara R. Castell
  • Bonnie and James Collins
  • Carol Cooper
  • Jan C. Crocker
  • James A. and Jan R. Cummings
  • Carolyn Davis and Ned Black
  • Maggie and Jim Dunn
  • Doris D. Emmett
  • Lorraine and Gerald Farmer
  • Donna Fisher-Williams
  • Elisa R. and Barry H. Goldman
  • Mitchell E. Grant
  • Barbara T. Gray
  • Barbara and Arnold Grevior
  • Steve and Madelaine Halmos
  • Ed Hashek and John Jors
  • Richard Helligas
  • Roberta M. and Frank E. Helsom
  • Ronald Herron
  • William Victor Higdon
  • Anne T. Hotte
  • Jane N. and Edwin* A. Huston
  • Lesley Mitchell Jones
  • Emerson W. Kanode
  • Cindy and Laurence M. Kashdin
  • Virginia* and Richard O. Kearns
  • Brigitte Kimmich
  • Victoria C. Kirby
  • Walter W. Krueger
  • David B. Kyner
  • Lynn and James B. LaBate
  • Marcy Lambert
  • Christine L. and Arthur W. Lambertus
  • Kevin Lane
  • Robert Lichtenstein
  • Thomas H. Lindsey
  • Gabriele E. Magdanz
  • MP and James Malone
  • Patricia Martinez
  • Virginia M. and
    Robert S.* McCormick
  • James D. McKenzie
  • Jo Ann K. and Donald B. Medalie
  • Greg Medalie
  • Daryl G. Miller
  • Virginia I. and Thomas J. Miller
  • Carolyn and Kent Morgan
  • Jan Moran
  • Jacqueline Niehaus
  • Nanette Olson
  • Dorothy M. Osterhoudt
  • Pat Owen
  • Susan Nolan Palmer
  • Sarah and Scott Parker
  • JoAnn B. Pass
  • Ann S. and Robert O. Powell
  • David E. Ratcliffe
  • Nancy and David Reierson
  • Sally J. Robbins
  • Hugh E. Root
  • Charles L. Ross
  • Gloria and Alvin Ross
  • Alice J. Rutten
  • Franklin R. Schmidt
  • Ella and Reuven Shefer
  • Grace Dudleck Shepherd
  • Patricia A. Shub
  • Eugene C. Smith and
    David A. Moon
  • Fred G. Smith
  • Hilda and Theodor M. Sokolowski
  • William C. Spencer
  • Kenny and Sandy Tate
  • Sondra R. Title
  • Barbara J. Unger
  • Richard J. and Gregory D. Unwin Moore
  • Melba Urbanek
  • Paula Valentine
  • Elaine Vasquez
  • Janice Weintraub and Irwin Weideger
  • Dixie E. Wheeler
  • June Wise
  • May Jean and Lou Wolff
  • Kurt D. Zimmerman
  as of December 31, 2016


Legacy Society Luncheon
February 17, 2016
Barbara Grevior, Jan Moran, Marti Huizenga, Alice Jackson and Linda Carter

Legacy Society Luncheon
April 9, 2015
Joan Crain, Hadley, Peyton and Delaney Robertson, Linda Carter and Betty Davis.

Legacy Society Luncheon
March 21, 2014
Roberta and Frank Helsom

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