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Communications Guidelines for Grant Recipients

Congratulations on your grant! Now is the perfect time to raise awareness of your organization and the difference you will make with your Community Foundation of Broward grant. Remember, we are able to award this grant to you because generous philanthropists have been establishing Funds at the Community Foundation since 1984. We are proud to help realize their visions and preserve their values through projects such as yours. Adherence to these communications guidelines is mandatory and failure to do so can result in a breach of your Grant Agreement and the denial of future support.
Recognition of your grant brings attention for your mission and programs. It may also encourage contributions to both your nonprofit and the public resource that is the Community Foundation.

To help us further our grantmaking for projects like yours, please share the news of your grant in your newsletter, on your Web­­ site and in other appropriate materials. Please feel free to include a live link on your website to Community Foundation of Broward (

Download Communications Guidelines

  1. Acknowledge your grant as:

     This was made possible by a grant from XYZ Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward.
  2. Or if the support was provided by several Funds refer to support as:
This has been made possible by support from the following
Community Foundation of Broward Funds:
John and Jane Smith Charitable Endowment Fund, John Doe Fund and Jane Smith Fund for Companion Animal Benefit
  1. Contact local media, including suburban papers and special interest publications as appropriate, using a news release, email or personal phone call. Apply the below writing tips and template to write a press release.
  2. Include an electronic picture at 300 DPI. A good quality image of high profile people with program participants often leads to coverage. In addition, an action shot makes a statement.
  3. Send draft release and photo to the Community Foundation for approval 3-5 days prior to distribution and send final release and media list to the Community Foundation. Drafts and finals should be sent to
  4. Share any coverage you receive to
  5. Notify internal audiences – staff, board members, volunteers, donors, clients – through meetings, minutes, internal bulletins, etc.
  6. Include a grant credit on flyers, programs, posters, advertisements, etc., including signs or plaques that recognize donors at events or on buildings.
  7. Post news about your grant project on your social media channels and tag The Community Foundation of Broward on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@CFBroward).
  8. For a copy of the Community Foundation logo, please email Jeff LaLiberte at

Download the full Communications Guidelines for logo and marketing standards. 

We ask that you send us copies of publications or media coverage that mention your grant. We would also like to include your story on our website. Please send photos and a brief article (150 words) to For larger files, please upload to your dedicated DropBox. Your photos and story may also be used for other Foundation communication vehicles.

Share information about your grant with supporters through your organization’s annual reports, newsletters, donor communications, on your website and social media. Find us on Facebook at and tag us in your posts. Find us on Twitter and Instagram and mention us with @cfbroward. Connect with us on LinkedIn ( and Youtube ( Incorporate mentions of #cfbroward and appropriate grant campaign.

  • Get to the point quickly and support it with quotes and evidence.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. Don’t rely on spell check.
  • Address the five Ws (who, what, when, where, why and how) in the news release.
  • Write in pyramid style with the most important information first.
  • Include quotes to convey opinion and humanize.
  • Write objectively, as if you have no affiliation with the organization.
  • Write in the third person. Only use first person pronouns in direct quotes (e.g. I, we, us).
  • Email the release, be sure to include contact information only once.
  • Hyperlink information to provide ease to reporters.  (e.g. link your CEO’s name to their bio on your website.)
Print and Digital Media: All Publications – Including Letters
All printed and digital media materials must be coordinated with the Foundation’s marketing and communications team to ensure consistency with the Community Foundation’s image.  Please submit for approval 3-5 days prior to printing or distribution.

If you have any questions about publicity, please contact Kirk Englehardt, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at or call 954-761-9503 x105.

For a copy of our logo please email Jeff LaLiberte at or call 954-761-9503 x102.

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